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The "Blues Bulls" are the Champions
National Circuit of 7's Emerging Teams

The last Saturday, the 19 February 2011 goes into the history of BMFC Gaiense / Rugby Vila da Moita, and our community.
RVM's team won the National Championship 7's Emerging Teams.
The new National Champions won the last stage of the National Tournament that was played at the Field of Gaio, Moita, a final extension and resolved with the victory of the RVM by 10-5 over the University of Algarve.
Under a hail pounding, the 4th Stage of National Circuit that was played this weekend, attended by eight teams: RV Moita A and B, University of Algarve, RC Viseu, RC Abrantes, Estoril School of hotel management, RC Peniche and University of Beira Interior (Covilhã).

Game results:
RVM B 15 - ESHT Estoril 5
U Algarve 15 - Universidade da Beira Interior Covilhã 0
R C Viseu 20 - CR Peniche 10
Abrantes 0 - RVM A 30
CR Peniche 0 - Abrantes 15
UBI Covilhã 0 - ESHT Estoril 5
Peniche 20 - UBI Covilhã 0
U Algarve 10 - RVM B 5
RC Viseu 5 - RVM B 25
RVM A 10 - U Algarve 5
RC Viseu 5 - RVM A 20
Abrantes 5 - ESHT Estoril 0

1º RV Moita A
2º U Algarve
3º RV Moita B
4º Viseu
5º Abrantes
6º ESHT Estoril
7º CR Peniche
8º Univ Beira Interior Covilhã

Photos by: João Luís Santos and José Chorão

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